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Rabu, 24 Julai 2024

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Seminar 'Public Sector Trainers Meet Trainers' 2013


The National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN) organised a seminar ‘Public Sector Trainers Meet Trainers’ on 10th December 2013 at the Auditorium, INTAN Bukit Kiara. Three speakers shared their thoughts on training: Trainer Attitude and Aptitude by Dato’ Dr. Syed Omar Sharifuddin bin Syed Ikhsan, Senior Deputy Director INTAN; Transforming the Minds, Hearts and Behaviour of People by Dato’ Lawrence Chan Kum Peng, Founder and Executive Chairman of Personal Development, Leadership Management Corporation; and Trends in Learning and Development by Dato’ Dr. R. Palan, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SMR Group.

Dato’ Dr. Syed Omar Sharifuddin outlined the definitions of attitude and aptitude as well as provided characteristics of an exemplary trainer which includes: Purpose, Passionate, Knowledgeable, Honesty, Empathy, Patience, Democracy, Ability to listen, Respect for experience, Pace, Prestige and Humour.

Dato’ Lawrence Chan Kum Peng called upon all trainers to be transformational trainers by reaching out to the participants’ hearts, minds and soul through two main approaches: AIDAC that is, Attention, Interest, Desire, Action and Commitment while the other is through 5R: Relaxing, Reminder, Reinforce, LeaRn and Rejuvenate
Dato’ Dr. R Palan spoke about collaborative learning. Informal learning he said is the way now and the future. It is informal and it cuts down the learning curve. He also said that when working is learning then learning is working and it is important for trainers to tailor training and learning. Performance needs analysis is the way forward and not necessarily training needs analysis.

The Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations (IDFR) was represented by Puan Norani Ibrahim and Puan Rahimah Yeop. In all, two-hundred and fifty participants representing various Public Training Institutes attended the fruitful event.


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Reported by: Rahimah Yeop
Academic Studies, Research and Publication Division

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