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Monday, 23 July 2018
IDFR 2017
Annual Report
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International Negotiations Workshop 2018

The International Negotiations Workshop 2018 was held from 25 to 27 June 2018. Its main objective was to increase the...

Ambassador Lecture Series 1/2018: “UK Post-Brexit: Implications to UK-Malaysia and UK-ASEAN Relations”

On 30 April 2018, IDFR hosted Her Excellency Victoria Marguerite Treadell, British High Commissioner to Malaysia for a lecture titled...

SPKM: Pre-Posting Orientation Course for Home-Based Staff and Spouses 2/2018

The second series of the Pre-Posting Orientation Course for Home-Based Staff and Spouses under Sistem Pentadbiran Kerajaan Malaysia (SPKM) was...

MTCP: Workshop on APEC for Papua New Guinea Officials

The Workshop on APEC for Papua New Guinea Officials was carried out from 9 to 11 April 2018 in the...

Opening Ceremony of the Diploma in Diplomacy (DiD) 2018

The Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations (IDFR), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia began its latest session of the Diploma...

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IDFR's Assembly Point

Please be informed that the assembly point for IDFR's staff, course participants and visitors during any emergencies is at the bus parking area to the right of the A Block.  

Quotation Offer 2018

Notice of Quotations Offer 2018 Please click on the quotation title for more information: No. Quotation Number Quotation Title Closing Date Status 1. IDFR/BPK/(S):400-10/2/2/7  Quotation of Water Filter Machine Services at Institute for Diplomacy and Foreign Relations (IDFR) for Two (2) Years 30/04/2018 Close 2. IDFR/BPK/(S):400-10/2/2/8  Quotation for Garden Care Services (Landscape) at Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations...

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Mobile Web IDFR

Mobile Web IDFR Please visit our web site via your smartphone or PDA, thru ... h t t p : // w w w . i d f r . g o v . m y For using QR Code :- 1.   Download and installation QR Reader application. 2.   Choose and active QR Reader, then scan QR IDFR Code below from your smartphone camera : 3.   After...

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COURSE APPLICATION SYSTEM To access the Course Application System, please click http://cas.idfr.gov.my or click menu Online Services ----> Course Application System at IDFR WebSite. Please click here for User Manual.