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Isnin, 20 Mei 2024

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Workshop for Liaison Officers for Ninth Session of the World Urban Forum (WUF9)

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A course for Liaison Officers was successfully conducted in three consecutive weeks in IDFR at the request of Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government, in conjunction with the Ninth Session of the World Urban Forum (WUF9) from 7 to 13 February 2018.

The objectives of the course were to prepare the participants for the challenging tasks of being LOs and to enhance their knowledge as well as interpersonal skills when dealing with VIPs and foreign delegates. Other than that, the participants were also exposed to the various aspects of their duties and responsibilities pertaining to etiquette, grooming and communication skills. 151 government officers from various ministries and agencies attended the course.

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Prepared by:
Centre for Political Studies and Economic Diplomacy (PSED)

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