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Isnin, 27 Mei 2024

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Commencement of Diplomatic Training Course for PTD Officers 2010

Commencement of Diplomatic Training Course for PTD Officers 2010

Monday, 4 January, marked the start of the Diplomatic Training Course (DTC) for PTD Officers 2010.Organised at least once a year, it is one of the core courses at IDFR. It is offered to newly appointed officers of Wisma Putra and other government departments dealing with diplomacy and international relations.

The DTC enables the officers to acquire the necessary knowledge about a plethora of issues on international affairs; professional skills; techniques of working effectively as Malaysia’s representatives abroad; and develop correct personal attributes to be effective in the performance of their duties in an international environment. The present batch consists of officers from Wisma Putra, MITI and the Atomic Energy Licensing Board, MOSTI..Tan Sri Hasmy Agam, in his welcoming remark, among others, advised the officers to “reclaim the position” and competitive edge Malaysia used to have over many other developing countries at international meetings because of its competency in the English language, and “thereafter to maintain the edge”. He also highlighted the importance of acquiring a good working knowledge of at least another foreign language, which will come in useful in an international setting. He also encouraged the officers to take part in IDFR’s social activities.

For the first time ever, the DTC is being held for six months, instead of the usual three months, in order to make the course more intensive and comprehensive in scope and coverage. IDFR is also seeking approval from the Public Services Department to confer a ‘Diploma in Diplomacy’ to the DTC participants upon completion of the course.

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