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Maklum Balas Peserta Kursus 2012


Say It Right: A course in Pronunciation – 1/2012 (21-23 Feb. 2012)

• Every topic was interesting. I was able to pronounce well and be more aware of the sounds of the language.
• A very useful training but more time/day should be allocated because the three days seems too short and not enough to fully learn everything. The handouts should be given earlier so that participants can go through it prior to the training. Sometimes, it’s quite difficult to catch up due to time constraints. The lecturers are very good an helpful.

Effective Presentations Skills – 2/2012 (25-28 September 2012)

• A very good program. Should allow more senior officers to join. Not everybody has a chance to come on a stage and give a talk. Congratulations.
• As a teacher, I realize that teaching in class is entirely different from giving a speech presentation. I realize that I need to improve in this area and I will use the manual as a bible for me to progress further in this area. Please take in more English teachers to attend the English courses because there is a lot of room for improvement for them. This is essential because English teachers are the ones who mould the young generations in English and any mistake done could cause a massive impact on their language proficiency.

Building Blocks of Good English (15-19 October 2012)

• A very useful and well organized course. During the 5-day course we gained a lot of information and knowledge on English, I hope to attend the ‘Say It Right’ and the ’Effective Writing Skills’ course in the future.
• Thank you for the opportunity given to attend the course in IDFR and in order to be proficient in the language; one needs to have a good grasp of the English grammar.

Effective Writing Skills – 2/2012 (5-8 November 2012)

• The course should be extended to two weeks with the first week focusing on pronunciation and the second week on writing.
• b. Get feedback of the performance of the participants within a few months when they are back at their departments or government agencies in the form of reports, journals, etc.

Conversational Malay Course 2012

• I would like to thank both teachers for the interesting approach taken, the passion that they brought into the class so even though the quality was kept high, it didn’t burden the students.
• The teachers created the chemistry from the very beginning.
• Even sometimes when the traffic is a disaster, the students do not make excuses not to come but in fact we find excuses to come.
• The class is also interesting because it is being held very elegantly and not being confined to outlines of the book.
• The atmosphere in IDFR is also very good and makes students stay for the course and I am sure for other courses too as I can see that there are a lot of even other Heads of Mission because the course was interesting from the very beginning. 

Strategic Analysis Course 2012

• I learnt a lot by attending this course which implements different approaches and filled with experienced experts. The diverse backgrounds of the participants enable me to obtain a different view of the issues which I already knew beforehand and this is very beneficial.
• The infrastructure is complete and well-equipped, there was never a feeling that we are missing something because everything is available.
• Definitely IDFR can be a model for diplomatic training institute.
• The trips to Genting Highland, Malacca, other places of interest and the government agencies were like opening the window to Malaysia and it left an impact on the participants where we now playfully say ‘Terima Kasih’, ‘we love Malaysia’ and other famous phrases which really come from the bottom of our heart, we love Malaysia.
• There is nothing ideal in the world, but Malaysia’s achievement to date is definitely what other developing countries are looking for.
• A lot of Malaysians are very patriotic, they love Malaysia and we can see from the way they treat visitors and guests. Everyone is very warm and friendly.

Diplomatic Training Course for International Participants Series 2/2012

• The course is very relevant because it opens up my eyes to the fact that there is a huge gap in diplomacy practices between different countries. One part of the course taught us on the appropriate and internationally accepted diplomatic behavior as well as etiquettes.
• Throughout the course, I realise that there are a lot of aspects that can be learned from Malaysia. Among the aspects that I like most are the foreign policy and cultural heritage.
• As for the diplomatic course, this is one of the best formats and I would come again for such course.
• I really admire the curriculum which combined everything. From classroom session, study visits till visits to interesting places where we got to learn different interesting things which sometimes left me speechless
• Truly I love your country, with many things to look at. Honestly, I came here feeling a little stress, but now I feel refreshed, I feel new again. I wish I could extend the time. I really love Malaysia, it is truly Asia.
• This course is a basic which acts as a door to other possibilities and opportunities.