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Khamis, 25 Julai 2024

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Feedback From Course Participant 1


Inspector Asokhan


This course has taught him how to write in a proper way, without making any grammar mistakes. He said as a government servant, he has to write letters and reply emails, sometimes in English. Usually, he wouldn’t know whether he has made any grammatical errors, but after this course, he believes he has more confidence in reply letters and emails. It is important because “how we reply will show who we are” and this will “affect the image of my department.” This course has also taught him the importance of brainstorming, before writing letters or replying to emails, by sorting out the most important points to the least. He now has the right idea on how to write an essay and believes he has learned a lot. He added by suggesting to have a longer duration of the course because a 4 day course is insufficient, and to have essay write-ups everyday to improve language skills.