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Sabtu, 13 April 2024

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Penerbitan 2010


IDFR Annual Report 2009  

The IDFR 2009 Annual Report was published in May 2010. It highlighted IDFR activities for the whole of 2009 and each division was responsible in reporting activities conducted by their respedtive division. 

Click here to view the Annual Report



IDFR Training Programmes 2011  

The handbook was published at the end of November 2010. It lists all training programmes that have been planned by IDFR for 2011, and was distributed to Ministries and Government Departments, Training Institutes, Federal Government Libraries, Malaysian Missions abroad, and selected foreign missions in Kuala Lumpur.

Click here to view the Training Programmes


Nombor Satu, Wisma Putra

Buku ini diterjemahkan ke dalam Bahasa Melayu daripada versi asal, Nombor One Wisma Putra. Ianya disunting oleh Dato' Dr. Fauziah Mohd Taib, selaku Duta Malaysia Ke Nertherlands, sewaktu beliau menjadi Ketua Pengarah IDFR. Buku ini mengandungi 31 artikel mengenai pengalaman duta-duta kita berkhidmat di luar negara.

Buku ini dijual dengan harga RM60.


Journal of Diplomacy and Foriegn Relations (JDFR) 

JDFR has entered its eleventh year of publication. The latest issue contains five articles and one book review, which mostly encompasses ASEAN issues.