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Thursday, 13 June 2024

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  • SPKM: Pre-Posting Orientation Course for Home-Based Staff series 2/2024 (Grade 38 and below)

SPKM: Pre-Posting Orientation Course for Home-Based Staff series 2/2024 (Grade 38 and below)

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Pre–Posting Course for Home-Based Staff series 2 2024 (SPKM 2/2024) was successfully held from 24 to 30 April 2024. This course is tailored for officers of Grade 38 and below together with their spouses, aims to prepare them with the knowledge and skills in diplomacy that are vital in performing their duties at Missions. The course was attended by seventy – two (72) participants (including spouses) from various Ministries and government agencies.
Throughout the 5-day course, the participants were equipped with important information related to their duties abroad including inspectorate matters, information regarding SPKM, asset management, audit and finance, accounting, protocol matters, consular matters and personal security. The value of integrity at work and in life was also been stressed to the participants. The participants were exposed to a slot on personal grooming and social etiquette to enhance their interpersonal social skills. They were being highlighted on cultural awareness in appreciating the cultural gaps and in celebrating the differences. A new slot, Kesihatan Mental Kunci Kebahagiaan Hidup has been introduced to highlight the importance of the mental health especially in adapting to new and unfamiliar surroundings.
Overall, the participants have given positive feedback and are satisfied with the flow of the course and the course content. During the closing ceremony, the Director of the Centre of Leadership, Negotiation and Public Diplomacy, YBhg. Dato’ Agus Salim Yusof shared his working experiences during his time in missions. He also conveyed his appreciation to the participants for their dedication throughout the course and to the speakers for sharing their invaluable knowledge and experience with the attendees. He believes that the participants' heightened knowledge and abilities will have significant impacts and enhance their role in carrying out their respective duties abroad.

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