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Tuesday, 28 May 2024

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To access the Course Application System, please click  http://cas.idfr.gov.my or click menu Online Services ----> Course Application System at IDFR WebSite.

Please click here for User Manual.

Translation of Malay-English Language or English-Malay Language in IDFR Official Website refers to the relevance of respective language.

Mobile Web IDFR

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Please visit our web site via your smartphone or PDA, thru ...

h t t p : // w w w . i d f r . g o v . m y

For using QR Code :-

1.   Download and installation QR Reader application.

2.   Choose and active QR Reader, then scan QR IDFR Code below from your smartphone camera :

3.   After that, you can access mobile version the IDFR Portal via your smartphone.

 Content and information in the IDFR Portal will be update from time to time.

The best viewed with minima 240 x 320 pixels resolution.

If you have any comment or inquiry, please do not hesitate to email us : info[at]idfr.gov.my.

In line with IDFR’s aspiration to become an International Centre for training and research in diplomacy and international relations of global standing, IDFR is now unveiling its new IDFR Corporate Video. The video can be viewed at the Multimedia Gallery.

The video through visual presentations of IDFR’s facilities, events and activities offered by the Institute would give viewers an in-depth impression of IDFR, its vision and mission.