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Wednesday, 24 April 2024

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Friday Morning Session: Law of Attraction

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A Friday Morning Session was held on 29 August 2014 at the Auditorium, WP1, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia with a topic on Law of Attraction. The talk was delivered by Dr. Raja Kamariah Raja Mohd Khalid, a Senior Psychology officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia.

In her talk, she shared three important elements of the Law of Attraction; expand the positive vibes, visualize one’s goal and resign oneself to The Creator (tawakkal). In order for everyone to get the energy and expand positive vibes, everyone has to think positive at all times and remove all the negative vibes that might be interfering. Another way to build the positive vibes is to mix with positive thinking people. Second, visualize oneself in the future and determine one’s goal in a certain period of time. By visualizing this goal, one would be inspired and motivated to achieve that goal. However, this activity of visualizing should be done frequently, so that it would inspire one continuously. The last element is tawakkal. As a muslim, one needs to leave it all to The Creator after all efforts have been taken.

Officers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia attended the talk as well as five officers from IDFR; Ms. Zuraini Harun, Ms. Asmat Zainal Abidin, Mr. Amirul Khairi Mustafa Bakri, Ms. Farah Dibah Abu Hanipah and Ms. Azmah Mahmud.

Reported by:

Azmah Mahmud
Academic Studies, Research and Publication Division

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