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Thursday, 25 July 2024

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SPKM: Pre-Posting Orientation Course for Home Based Staff 5/2023

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The final series of SPKM: Pre-Posting Course for Home Based Staff was successfully held from 3 to 12 October 2023.
This mandatory course is catered for officers of grade forty-one (41) and above together with their spouses. SPKM 5/2023 was attended by fifty (50) participants from ten (10) various Ministries and government agencies/departments.
One of the remarkable features of this programme is the diverse origin of participants. Hailing from various ministries and agencies, the course has successfully brought together a wide array of expertise and experiences. This diversity not only enriched the learning experience but also underlines the significance of collaboration and synergy among different governmental bodies.
Behind the success of this program are the expert speakers who played a pivotal role in shaping the knowledge and skills of the participants. Their valuable contributions have been instrumental in channelling the insights of international postings and nurturing the capabilities of the participants.
The SPKM: Pre-Posting Course for Home-Based Staff is a testament to the commitment to preparing government employees for international assignments. The success of this course signifies the dedication and hard work of both the participants and the expert speakers. It also emphasizes the collective responsibility of various ministries and agencies in building a skilled and capable workforce for international diplomacy.
Overall, the course received positive feedback and majority of the participants satisfied with the course and the knowledge they received through the training. Lastly, it is hoped that with the knowledge and skills that they gained will provide a significant impact and strengthen their roles while performing duties at Missions abroad.
IDFR wishes the participants the very best for their future posting abroad.


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