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Monday, 22 April 2024

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Rumah Titian Kasih

30 December 2011 was a joyful date for three (3)  IDFR officers and staff as they were fortunate to be able to pay the children and residents of Rumah Titian Kasih, Titiwangsa Kuala Lumpur a visit. They arrived at Rumah Titian Kasih at about 10 am and with the help of the sweet teenage residents of the home, unloaded several boxes filled with clothes, food and toy donations. These contributions were courtesy of the generous souls of IDFR. 

Seeing how cute and adorable some of the little girls there were, diligently doing some mathematic exercises, they decided to treat them to breakfast. When asked where Kak Cik, Pia and Fatin would like to go, “McDonalds!”. The fact that they were enjoying the meal so much made the trip even more fulfilling. After all, it’s not often one gets to eat with the company of girls who leave you tongue-tied when they ask you why Ronald McDonald’s hair was red and not black like the rest of us. We sent them back soon after with big hugs and promises to come for a return visit soon.