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Thursday, 13 June 2024

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Challenges in Conflict Prevention

An International Conference on “Youth Volunteers as Enablers for Conflict Prevention” was organised by the International Youth Centre (IYC), Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia and Universiti Putra Malaysia on 3 – 6 December 2012. The Conference was held to examine the role of youth volunteers during conflicts and also in conflict prevention at the national, regional and global arena. The Conference also identified new strategies for the engagement and mobilisation of youth volunteers during conflict situations.

Puan Rahimah Yeop, Director of Academic Studies, Research and Publication Division of IDFR was invited as one of the speakers where she presented a paper on “Challenges in Conflict Prevention”. The presentation discussed on meanings and types of conflict, methods to resolve conflict, conflict management, resolution as well as prevention methods.

The session was a huge hit with the participants and it had invoked greater aspiration for the youth to fully engage themselves as part of the force during conflicts situations as well as in conflict prevention. It is IDFR’s fervent hope for the participating youths to utilise the knowledge imparted for the benefit of the country and Malaysia’s youth movement.

Reported by Khairul Bariah Che Amat
Academic Studies, Research and Publication Division