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Monday, 22 April 2024

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Intermediate and Advanced Speech Writing Course

Two Speech Writing Courses for officers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) were recently concluded. The first one, Intermediate Speech Writing Course, was held from 15 until 17 April 2013 and attended by thirteen (13) Principal Assistant Secretaries and meanwhile, the second one, Advanced Speech Writing Course, was organised from 22 until 24 April 2013 with participation from thirteen (13) Undersecretaries from the Ministry.

The objectives of the course were to increase understanding of the principles of successful speech writing; expose the participants to the skills, techniques and strategies in speech writing and delivery, and enable the participants to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses as speech writers. The course was conducted in a series of interactive lectures, simulation exercises, individual and group work/discussion and in-class speech writing exercises.

Both sessions were facilitated by Mr. Simon Lancaster, who is one of the UK’s top speechwriters. He has written speeches for the CEOs of many of the world’s biggest companies and trained hundreds of professional writers over the years.

Among the modules of the courses were The Art and Craft of Speech Writing, Skills, Techniques and Strategies in Speech Making, Analysis of Best Speeches, Organisation of a Speech, The Use of Metaphors, Repetitions, Rhetoric and Contradictions in Speech Writing and Speech Editing. In addition, the course also touched on some aspects in speech delivery in which the participants were exposed to techniques and skills in becoming effective orators.

Both sessions received very favourable and positive responses and feedback from the participants. Many have suggested that the course should be attended by all officers from MOFA as speech writing is an integral part of the officers’ responsibilities.

Reported by : Romaiza Ab. Rahman
Training Division