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Monday, 24 June 2024

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Interviews with Crisis Management Participants (June 3 -21, 2013)

Fernando de la Mora Salcedo (Class President)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mexico

Learning about crisis management is an important component in any diplomat’s career. Doing so in a collaborative and diverse setting is of tremendous added value. The course has enlightened me on the many benefits and shortfalls of ASEAN in the context of multidimensional challenges. The expert speakers have shared a wealth of knowledge with the participants. It has been very beneficial to learn about the roles that many agencies and actors play in a complex crisis. My overall conclusion is that prevent and preparation are the most important aspects of most situations. The course should continue to adapt to the changing realities that cause crises around the world.

Sheree Chambers (Class Vice-President)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade
Government of Jamaica

This course has been very informative on the subject of crisis management but also on ASEAN relations/issues and on Malaysia itself. My expectation of learning what is crisis management, how to develop tools, plans, procedures for managing crises have been met. [This course] has increased my knowledge and understanding in relation to crisis management and international law. [For suggestions], there was a strong emphasis on the complex global crises being faced by the International Environment which was very important and should be continued.