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2012 Publications



IDFR 2013 Training Programmes

Published in early December of 2012, the publication listed all training and language courses, Master’s programme as well as a new programme called the Economic Diplomacy Series, planned by IDFR for 2013. It was distributed to senior officers and Human Resource Divisions of Malaysian ministries and government agencies, foreign missions in Kuala Lumpur which are recipient countries of the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme, and other agencies which are eligible to participate in IDFR’s training programmes.

Click here to view the Training Programmes



Journal of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations

The issues focused on in this volume were the comparison between Bush and Obama’s strategy in Asia; the involvement of civilians in Mindanao’s International Monitoring Team; geopolitics changes in the Indian Ocean and Malaysia; and global financial crisis. A review was done on the book Disaster Diplomacy: How Disasters Affect Peace and Conflict, written by Ilan Kellman.





IDFR Annual Report 2011

IDFR has recently published its 2011 Annual Report. The colourful publication lists courses, activities and events organised by the various divisions in 2011 and the reports are complemented by a myriad of photographs.

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IDFR's Diplomatic Voice

In 2012, IDFR has extended the Diplomatic Voice to a total of 32 pages for an enhanced and stimulating reading experience. Published quarterly, the Diplomatic Voice which was introduced in 2011, aim to create a platform for the sharing and disseminating of information and knowledge among practitioners of diplomacy.

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