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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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Launching of The National Cataloguing Standards


The National Cataloguing Standards (RDA) was launched on 3rd April 2014 at the National Library of Malaysia. The Resource Description and Access (RDA) is a new standard of documentation that meets the needs and the suitability of the digital world and technology environment to replace the Anglo- American Cataloguing Rules Second Edition (AACR2).

The ceremony was officiated by YBhg Tan Sri Mohamad Zabidi Zainal , the Director General of the Public Services Department (PSD) , Malaysia . In his speech, Tan Sri Mohamad Zabidi acknowledged that the national cataloging standards that has been implemented at the National Library of Malaysia ( PNM ) is a new transformation that allows the documentation to be accessed easier and faster to meet the needs of the world of technology today.

Currently, Malaysia is the eighth country in the world to implement the system for accessing digital information resources at PNM as the leading library information services after the Library of Congress, National Agricultural Library, the National Library of Medicine, USA; The British Library; Library and Archives of Canada; National Library Board of Singapore; and the National Library of Australia.

The ceremony was attended by librarians from the various governmental departments and private agencies throughout Malaysia. YBhg. Dato ' Hussin Nayan , the Director General of IDFR, accompanied by Ms Hajah Kamariah Jaafar, the Deputy Director of Library were present at the event.

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Reported by: Ms Hajah Kamariah Jaafar
Library Section, Corporate and Management Services Division

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