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Thursday, 23 May 2024

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SPKM: Pre-Posting Orientation Course for Home-Based Staff series 1/2024 (Grade 41 and above)

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Pre-Posting Course for Home-Based Staff series 1 2024 (SPKM 1/2024) was successfully held from 19 to 28 February 2024. This course is a requirement under Sistem Pentadbiran Kerajaan Malaysia (SPKM).
This is a pre-requisite course for every government officers of grade forty-one (41) and above together with their spouses before serving abroad. It was attended by one hundred and five (105) participants from various Ministries and government agencies/departments.
The objectives of the course is to provide the officers alongside their spouses the knowledge and skills enhancement in diplomacy, and international diplomatic practices that are vital in performing their duties at Missions. The course is also aimed to instil esprit de corps among the different Ministries and Agencies for effective service delivery at Missions.
Throughout the 8-day course, the participants were equipped with information related to the SPKM, the immunities and privileges, administration of a mission, protocol and consular. The participants were exposed to the appropriate etiquette for fine dining and formal entertaining to enhance their interpersonal social skills. They were being highlighted on cultural awareness, for them to appreciate the cultural gaps and to celebrate the differences. The importance to work as one towards reaching the common goal of defending Malaysia’s interest has been stressed to the participants. The value of integrity at work was also accentuated to the participant. The essential information for promoting Malaysia internationally, namely Malaysia as a preferred trade, investment, and tourism destination, as well as Malaysia's palm oil sector were provided to the participants. A new slot, Promoting Malaysia as an Education Hub has been introduced to highlight Malaysia’s strength and opportunities in this market segment. The participants was moved with the experience sharing by a career diplomat who has defied against all odds during the height of a civil war. This slot served as guidance for the participants to prepare themselves in facing any crisis, that may arise.
Overall, the participants have given positive feedback and are satisfied with the flow of the course and the course content.
During the closing speech ceremony, Director General of IDFR, YBhg. Dato Syed Bakri Syed Abdul Rahman shared his vast working experiences at the missions. He expressed his deepest appreciation to the participants for their commitment throughout the course as well as to the estemeed speakers in conveying valuable knowledge and experience to the participants. He hopes that the knowledge and skills that the participants gained will have a significant impact and strengthen their role in carrying out their duties abroad.
IDFR wishes the participants the very best for their future posting abroad.

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