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2007 Publications


Issues in Malaysian Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Selected Speeches by Syed Hamid Albar

This is the second compilation of Dato' Seri Syed Hamid Albar's selected speeches delivered during his term as the Foreign Minister. Published in December 2007, it is divided into six booklets under the headings of ASEAN; Bilateral Relations; Multilateral Issues (2003-2005); Multilateral Issues (2006-2007); Peace and Security; and On Dialogue and Other Foreign Policy issues.



Journal of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations Volume 9

The main objective of this scholarly journal is to support, analyse and evaluate policy, programmes and activities in the area of international relations and Malaysian diplomacy. The journal also acts as a forum that provides room for multiple appraisals of, and diverse intellectual discourses on, foreign policy, diplomacy and international relations.


Selected Speeches at the Sixth Conference of The Heads of Mission 2007

This monograph consists of the speeches delivered by The Honourable Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Prime Minister of Malaysia; The Honourable Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia; and The Honourable Dato' Seri Syed Hamid Albar, former Foreign Minister of Malaysia during the Sixth Conference of The Heads of Mission 2007 in Kuala Lumpur in April 2007.