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2008 Publications


IDFR Occasional Papers

The first issue of the IDFR Occasional Paper series was published in 2008. It is entitled Pacific Settlement of Disputes based on International Law: Malaysia’s Experiences at the International Court of Justice. The author is Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Mohamad, former Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and subsequently Advisor for Foreign Affairs to the Prime Minister, 2003-2009.



Diplomatic Profile Series-Profile of Malaysia’s Foreign Ministers: Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj

The profile of Tunku Abdul Rahman, published in 2008, is the first in the series of profiles of Malaysia’s Foreign Ministers. It is intended as a concise and easily accessible source of information on the careers of all those who have served in that capacity since 1957. It is also an exercise in the writing of a biographical approach to Malaysian diplomatic history.

As such, future plans include the publication of profiles of all those who have contributed to the evolution of Malaysian foreign policy from Prime Ministers to Secretary-Generals of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and some of Malaysia’s former Ambassadors.


Journal of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations Volume 10

The main objective of this scholarly journal is to support, analyse and evaluate policy, programmes and activities in the area of international relations and Malaysian diplomacy. The journal also acts as a forum that provides room for multiple appraisals of, and diverse intellectual discourses on, foreign policy, diplomacy and international relations. Ten volumes of JDFR have been published.


Guide to Fine Dining Etiquette for Malaysian Diplomats

This simple guide does not attempt to address every aspect of the subject but it will help fine tune and contribute towards one's dining experience and enjoyment.


IDFR Training Programmes 2009

IDFR Training Programmes 2009 lists all the training programmes that have been planned by IDFR for 2009. It is distributed to Ministries, Government agencies and relevant Embassies locally and abroad.



Annual Report 2007

The Annual Report was published in May 2007. It consists of courses/events/activities that was organised under the various divisions in IDFR in 2006.

An annual publication, the Annual Report was distributed to Ministries, Government agencies and relevant Embassies locally and abroad.