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Tuesday, 06 June 2023

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Press Releases


      1. Press Release Graduation Ceremony - Diploma in Diplomacy 2022


      1. Charity Begins At Home
      2. The New Axis Of Growth
      3. Foreign Policy For Small States
      4. 9TH Malaysian Heads of Diplomatic Mission Virtual Conference (HOMC9)
      5. Monograph : Focus In Continuity : A Framework For Malaysia's Foreign Policy In A Post-Pandemic World
      6. Responsible Leadership In The Face Of Energy Challenge


      1. IDFR Royal Address 2021
      2. Graduation Ceremony - Diploma in Diplomacy 2021
      3. IDFR Al-Bukhary Book Award 2021


      1. IDFR Cultural Diplomacy Lecture Series " Cultural Diplomacy: Searching For ASEAN Common Values"
      2. Panel Discussion 2/2016 : Celebrity Diplomacy : Innovations In Diplomatic Practices


      1. ASEAN Anniversary Forum - ASEAN : Forging Ahead Together
      2. Lecture by Ms. Helen Clark "Sustainable Development Goals: Key Considerations For A People-Centred ASEAN"
      3. Economic Diplomacy Series (3/2015): Regional Integration Towards A People Centric Community: Sharing the Experience of ASEAN and Latin America
      4. Closing Ceremony and Certificate Presentation For the Malaysian Technical Coorperation Programme (MTCP)


      1. Graduation Ceremony of Diploma in Diplomacy 2014
      2. Lecture by Associate Professor Dr. Farish A. Noor, S. Rajaratnam
      3. Lecture by H.E Dr. Haris Silajdzic, Former Member of Presidency and Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina
      4. Panel Discussion in Conjunction With the 40th Anniversary of Malaysia-China Diplomatic Relations
      5. IDFR Forum “Nuclear Weapons: Still An Existential Threat To Humankind”
      6. IDFR-UNAM Workshop on Climate Change “Malaysia’s Climate Change Strategies: Plan of Action”


      1. Diplomatic Training Course For Myanmar Officials